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Written by Pham Quang Phuc  & Trang Hoang

Illustrated by Pham Quang Phuc

Dreams Are Calling was a Scholastic Picture Book Award Finalist - 2017.

Published by Scholastic Singapore, a subsidiary of Scholastic Inc., New York, USA - 2019

Published by Kim Dong Publishing House with title Đường Về Nhà - Vietnam - 2020

As darkness falls, 

dreams are calling.

Let our journey begin...

As the night falls, the adventure begins with a tale of a mother encouraging a child to face the darkness and what lies ahead. A beautiful tale filled with whimsical illustrations for bedtime.

This is a story about the boy and his mother going through the night woods to come home. At the first step, I researched about the ethnic minority who lived in the North plateau of Vietnam. There are beautiful mountains, lovely terraces, and mystery woods During my traveling, I was inspired by the local people. Because this story is about overcoming fear, especially with the scene of the nightmare, therefore the villain is important. In the beginning, I thought it would be a monster because I like to draw monsters a lot. But in Vietnamese culture, monsters are not popular. People are more scared of wild animals. So I chose a tiger. We tried to bring a richly illustrated picture book for young explorers. If all you enjoyed the journey of this book, I hope you will get one and read the full story. Please remember, when you close your eyes, Dreams Are Calling!

This book is available here!

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