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Written by Xiao Dingli

Illustrated by Pham Quang Phuc

Published by Haiyan Publishing Co., Ltd. - 2020

The Heavenly Palace is holding an emergency meeting. Thundergod, Goddess of Lightning, Wind Deity and Cloud Grandfairy are all at the meeting.

The Heavenly Queen is drinking the fairy peach juice. No, she is not in the mood to drink. The glass of juice is still full. Thundergod wants to seek her approval for leave, to stay home and rest for two days, in order to treat his hearing loss. But there is no one who can replace him at work, and the Heavenly Queen is feeling troubled over this.  

The villagers of Bald Mountain Village on earth are also holding an emergency meeting about the sneezing problems of Aunty Bigfoot. All the villagers are full of anger, their eyes slanted, and their mouths crooked.

Recently, Aunty Bigfoot’s sneezes are getting bigger and bigger. One sneeze from her can cause a big whirlwind and blow down houses. The villagers grumbled incessantly and threatened to drive Aunty Bigfoot out of Bald Mountain Village.

Upon hearing it, Aunty Bigfoot fumed with anger. As she is just about to launch her argument, a cloud of yellow dust blows over, choking her and causing her to let out a gigantic sneeze – one that is so enormous it blew her off her feet and straight into the sky.

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