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Illustrated and designed by Pham Quang Phuc

Produced by Tired City - 2023

Đại Cát Đại Lộc, Như Ý Cát Tường and Bày Miêu Tính Kế are 3 personal artworks what I made for celebrating the year of cats in Vietnam. Đại Cát Đại Lộc, Như Ý Cát Tường are lucky cats, they will bring luckiness, happiness and joyness to you around the year. Bày Miêu Tính Kế was inspired by the traditional game which Vietnameses played in Tet holiday. It brought some fun mood, fierce and fighting energy to the gamers. I collaborated with Tired City to produce silk scarves. You can find these items or support my other artworks in their shops in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hope you like them!

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